Police reform has “crushed” in Ukraine

It was a bad day for all ukrainians. But, maybe, most of people  don’t understand what it was.

Ukraine’s National Police chief Dekanoidze resigns. She was really the last reformer in the Department.

Dekanoidze was appointed to the post on November 4, 2015. Prior to that, she was advisor to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. According to the report, her deputy Vadym Troyan has been appointed Acting Chief of the National Police.

Dekanoidze said, that she had failed to eradicate corruption in the Department, but also told that during her work the credibility of the police among citizens has increased.

A new chief of Ukraine’s National Police Vadim Troyan is man of Interior Minister  Arsen Avakov. He was a soldier of the “Azov” regiment, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and which has a direct impact Avakov. Since 4 March 2016, he held the position of first Deputy chief of the National police of Ukraine.

Arsen Avakov is minister, who was laughing at US president-elect Donald Trump, calling him an “outcast” . The whole joke is that the US gives money to police reform in Ukraine. Then he delated his post, after Trumps victory…


On press-meating Dekanoidze said, that politicians interfering in police work in Ukraine. And she can’t works in such conditions.

Protests will going to start in Ukraine tomorrow. The opposition plans to hold rallies from 15 to 22 November. People going to protest against the policy of the government, against high tariffs for utility cost and reduce quality of life. The government calls these actions is the Russian plan to destabilize the situation in the country, which has the name “Shatun”. Police enhances security measures.

Dekanoidze was associated with the Georgian team of reformers who came to the police after Maidan and headed Eca Zguladze, for the money the US and Japan, launched reforms.

But now this team moved away. It only remains Arsen Avakov and his team. Ukrainians, according to the survey by the sociological company “Rating”, doesn’t belive him. 45% of people has negative attitude to Avakov.


And it’s not even the recent scandal with the 24 year old Deputy Minister Avakov Anastasia Deeva and pictures of her naked body. The is no trust to the Avakov team.

Dekanoidze said, that new chief of police Troyan is not a standalone figure. Also, she always claimed about sabotage of reforms in police.

The former Governor of the Odessa region, Saakashvili, who are close with Dekanoidze, previously accused Avakov in the protection of racket and corrupt schemes.




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